Eric Turner

Python and Django Developer

About me

I am a web developer who currently works with Python and Django. I have built sites from the ground up as well as furthered existing projects. I have a passion for development and try to learn new skills every day.

I spend my free time outdoors.

I believe chips and salsa is a complete meal and can prove it.

  • Philosophy - Simple is elegant.
  • Goals - Create, Learn, Repeat

A few of my Skills

My resume


Gaming Arts, llc
Backend Engineer
8/16 - Current

  • Maintained and improved a Django web-app to track data, sales and generate reports
  • Developed a RESTful API for mobile application
  • Deployed code on Ubuntu Linux system hosted on AWS

Izytrack, llc
Backend Engineer
2/16 - 6/16

  • Developed a SaaS web-app using Django and Django Rest Framework
  • Worked on a small startup team and developed the product to launch.
  • Responsible for maintaining production and development branches and servers with Git and Heroku

Web development
9/15 - Ongoing

  • Completed various projects using Django and Python
  • Contributed Pro-Bono work to an environmental service website
  • Worked with basic JavaScript, CSS and HTML

6/15 - 9/15

  • Completed Backend Engineering Course with focus on Python and Django
  • Completed a final project from planning to deployment using Django, CSS and JavaScript
  • Created a machine learning algorithm to enter into a competition

Feel free to contact Me

Questions? Comments? Want to discuss the best type of salsa (all of them)? Send me a message and I'll respond shortly.